Sustainable Dollar

One of our priority areas for 2020-2025 is ‘Sustainable Dollar’ which is about supporting the Dollar community to reduce its carbon footprint and protect and enhance our beautiful local environment.

An average Dollar house uses 50% more gas than the rest of Clackmannanshire / Scotland, and more than 20% more electricity. Car ownership is also above average. Dollar therefore has a lot of potential to make a significant reduction on its carbon impact within Scotland – and we are here to help!

Our aim is to run projects and build skills and knowledge within the community to help protect future generations by…

SustainablE Dollar Working Group

We have set up a Sustainable Dollar Working Group, led by Dr. Neil Houston, which brings together local organisations with an interest in the environment. Working together ensures our activity is joined up and we can reach more people in our community. The Sustainable Dollar Working Group includes: Dollar Academy, Strathdevon Primary School, Dollar Community Council, local landowners (Harviestoun and Arndean), OYCI, Dollar Horticultural and Garden Club, Mel Anderson from OOSHASC (representing local businesses), Jane Scott (community member), and Clackmannanshire Council.

Tree Planting

We planted over 1800 trees in 2020, despite COVID, and plan to plant another 2000 in 2021.
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