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Part of our vision for a Sustainable Dollar is to build skills and knowledge in our community. So we have teamed up with Home Energy Scotland to provide a series of FREE online workshops throughout January and February 2021 to help achieve this.

The FREE workshops are open to everyone and will be run twice each day to allow as many people as possible to attend – we hope to see you there!

For a full list of all the events and instructions on booking click here.

Further detail about the various workshops is provided below:

Session dates and times   Description
Helping you save energy at home  
Tuesday 19th January
10am & 7pm  
Many people will see their energy costs rise because of the extra time spent at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This workshop has been designed to help us stay in control of our future energy bills as well as reduce our impact on the environment. Learn new practical tips & hints, find out how easy it can be to change your supplier, and take part in our quiz.  
For more information and to book click here
Love Food Hate Waste
Thursday 28th January
10am and 7pm  
This 1-2 hour workshop is funded by Zero Waste Scotland and aims to raise awareness of issues caused by food waste. Discover new ideas for food planning, portioning, freezing and using up leftovers and save hundreds on your food costs. A minimum of 10 people must be able to attend this workshop. Participants will also be required to complete a short questionnaire.  
For more information and to book click here
Embracing Greener Travel
Tuesday 2nd February
10am and 7pm  
Climate change is an immediate and urgent problem. Transport and travel are major sources of the release of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Join this session to find out about the scale of the challenge of emissions in Scotland; the health benefits of active travel to replace short, everyday journeys by car; and available support to help you adopt greener transport options including ebikes and electric cars.  
For more information and to book click here
Saving water In Scotland – really?  
Thursday 4th February
10am and 7pm  
Home Energy Scotland is working in partnership with Scottish Water to help thousands of households save water, energy, and money every year. Around one-fifth of the average household’s heating bills are spent on heating water. This workshop will help us to use water more wisely and keep our energy bills down.  
For more information and to book click here
Discovering Renewables (Solar PV and Electric Vehicles)  
Thursday 11th February
10am and 7pm  
Energy generation has seen some big recently.  Over one third of the UK’s power is now generated by green sources – 11.5% from solar power alone.  So Home Energy Scotland is holding a webinar to talk householders through renewable technology solar PV and electric vehicles as they tie in so well together.  
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