Environment Workshops

In 2020 we are starting to implement our ambitious Environmental Strategy, developed as a direct result of feedback from the ‘Dollar Futures’ work. A key part of this is a series of FREE workshops to raise awareness about topics relating to the Environment. The workshops aim to allow people to see examples of ongoing change and how they could take ideas into their own home. The four workshops in the Hive are:

Saturday 22nd February, 2-4pm:                Bees and Seeds, with Karen MacBean

Sunday 22nd March, 2-4pm:                         Trees and Carbon Footprint Reduction, with Eamonn Wall

Sunday 26th April, 2-4pm:                             Alternative Energy Sources, hosted by Nick Poett and others

Saturday 2nd May, 2-4pm:                        Zero Waste and Sustainability, with Miriam Adcock from Zero Waste Scotland

The FREE workshops are open to all the community, and for each session we have invited experts, already carrying out exciting activities, to share their experience and learning. We aim to show what is already happening, and what could happen, within the Dollar area, and where possible develop ways for the community to be involved in change.

The events are running at weekends to allow as many people as possible to attend – we hope to see you there!

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