Membership and Friends of the Trust

This page provides you with information on two ways that you can support the Trust; becoming a member of the Trust and how to join our new Friends scheme – which we launched in June2023. If, having read the information below, you have any questions about membership or the Friends scheme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Karen, our membership secretary, on or call the Trust phone on 07563 405939.  

Become a Member

Development Trusts are most successful when they have the support of their local communities.  The more ‘members’ our Trust has from the Dollar community, the more credibility we have to take forward projects, secure funding and influence decisions made about where we live.  

Being a member does not carry any obligations but does have benefits. As a member, you are entitled to cast a vote at our AGM, elect Trustees and submit resolutions.  We will also keep you up to date on what the Trust is doing and how you can get involved in and contribute to decision making. In addition, tickets for certain community events go on sale to members early. That said, our work aims to benefit Dollar as a whole community, not only our members. 

Membership is now free and is automatically renewed annually unless you choose to opt out. 

There are 2 ways you can become a member:

  1. Offline: Pick up a Membership form at the Hive and return the completed form to the Hive. Please address it to the DCDT Membership Secretary. 
  1. Online: Complete and submit the Online Membership Form below.


If you are a member and would like to make a one-off donation to support our work, please click here.  


Online Membership Form (for new members)

You may alter or withdraw your consent at any time by emailing: Your personal data is safe with us. Please see our privacy statement on our website at

Become a Friend of the Trust

Our existence and growth depend on a stable income and volunteer base. We also know that some people want to support the Trust but don’t have spare time to volunteer.

To this end, we have established a ‘Friends of the Trust’ scheme. Our ‘Friends’ are individuals who have committed to making a regular donation to the Trust to support our work. Most importantly, our Friends Scheme will ensure that the Trust is truly supported by the community we serve. 

Every donation counts, so please support us by becoming a Friend of the Trust by clicking here.

You can be a member AND a friend of the Trust. 

Thank you!

If you are having trouble completing the form or have a question about membership or our new Friends scheme, please email Karen, our Membership Secretary.

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