Local Recycling Guide

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Click here for a list of FAQs relating to Recycling in Clackmannanshire

What to put in your blue bin!

  • Cardboard
    • cereal boxes
    • cardboard packaging
    • brown corrugated cardboard
    • cardboard boxes
    • toilet roll tubes
  • Aluminium foil including food trays
  • Cans and tins
    • aluminium and steel
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
    • both coloured and clear
  • Food and drinks cardboard cartons
    • eg soup, milk, juice etc.
  • Empty aerosols
  • Paper
    • envelopes (including window envelopes)
    • magazines
    • newspapers
    • office paper
    • yellow pages
    • brochures
    • catalogues
    • leaflets

What to put in your Food Caddy!

Yes please to:

  • bread, cakes, and pastries
  • dairy products and eggshells
  • tea and coffee grounds
  • rice, pasta, and beans
  • fish and meat – raw and cooked including bones
  • pet food
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • scrapings from plates
  • semi-liquid products such as yogurt

To help you separate your food waste, Clacks Council provides a kitchen caddy and a kerbside caddy. This caddy is emptied weekly. You must present your caddy by 7am on the day of collection.

Line your kitchen caddy with a liner.

To order a new supply of liners please tie a liner around the kerbside caddy handle when you present it for collection (on the normal food waste collection day). Please remember to remove the liner from the handle once you have received the new roll of liners.  

Empty the food from your kitchen caddy regularly into your kerbside caddy.

If you are a business looking for a food waste collection then please call 01259 450000.

Green bin – General Waste

The Green bin is emptied every three weeks and should be placed on the kerbside with the lid down for 7.00am.

Materials that should NOT go into your green bin

  • Anything that should go in your blue bin (see above)
  • Any food waste that should go in your kerbside caddy (see above)
  • Plant waste goes into your brown bin
  • Glass bottles and jars should be taken to the community recycling point (at the Hive, on the Ness, on West Burnside)
  • Small electrical items should be taken to Forthbank Recycling Centre or a charity shop that will accept these items
  • Batteries should be taken to Forthbank or a shop that has a battery collection point
  • Clean clothing should be taken to a charity shop or local swap shop

Only items that cannot be recycled or reused should be placed in your green bin

These include:

  • Plastic bags and wrappings including cellophane, grease proof paper, bubble wrap and crisp bags.
  • All wallpaper should go into your green bin.
  • Anything contaminated with body fluids such as nappies, cotton wool, cotton buds and hankies.
  • Pet wastes.
  • Packaging heavily contaminated with food waste.
  • Rags and cloths that are heavily soiled with oil or grease.
  • Polystyrene packaging that is often used to surround televisions.
  • Window pane glass, broken crockery and glass cookware.

Forthbank Recycling Centre

Click here for the latest opening times, ID requirements etc

The range of materials that can be recycled include:

  • Aggregate (stone)
  • Batteries – car
  • Batteries – household
  • Bikes
  • Cans
  • Cardboard – remove all polystyrene and other packaging and pack it flat
  • Carpets
  • Clothes and textiles
  • Electricals – small, fridges and freezers, monitors, white goods,
  • Engine Oil – max 10 litres from routine servicing
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Garden Waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Glass – Glass can also be taken to bottle banks throughout Clackmannanshire
  • Mattresses, beds, divans
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plastics – household containers
  • Plastics – large patio toys etc.
  • Turf, green waste
  • Textiles (Textile banks are also available in King Street carpark, Alloa (next to Speirs Centre) and Asda carpark, Alloa – these banks are not council-owned).
  • Wood
Dollar Community Development Trust

Dollar Community Development Trust

Dollar Community Development Trust is a volunteer-led charity aimed at making Dollar a better place to live, work, study, and visit.


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