Improving Broadband Services in Dollar

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Dollar Community Council are exploring the possibility of improving broadband services in Dollar, with Openreach. Some areas in the town are served by fibre “street cabinets”, then copper connections to homes, which has improved broadband speeds considerably. But this is not as widespread as DCC would like and we are trying to engage with Openreach to find a solution – to improve broadband delivery to all homes and hopefully, to enable “fibre to premises”.

Fibre to premises would provide the fastest possible broadband speeds for Dollar businesses and private homes that wish to subscribe to such services.

How does this work?

If you are interested, as a business or individual, DCC will gather names with address and telephone number. We will work with Openreach to model how much the infrastructure will cost to enable services, then we will apply for grant funding to cover any shortfall in installation costs shared by everyone who would be interested.

Registering your interest DOES NOT COMMIT YOU TO ANY CONTRACT FOR INSTALLATION OR SERVICES. But it does allow DCC to present realistic numbers for customers to Openreach. Looking at location and spread of customers across the town will allow an accurate model to be developed for costing.

Dollar Community Council and Dollar Community Development Trust are determined to enhance services for Dollar residents and improve the town environment. The recent COVID changes forced upon us have also shown that semi-rural towns can be improved by home-working – this reduces commuting and associated problems. We have also found that a direct approach to solving problems is best, rather than hoping services or improvements may happen!

We would like to hear your views and see you register your interest in our idea if you support it. 

Finally, we would like to reassure you that name and address information held by us will be treated securely. It will be shared only with Openreach for the purposes of modeling and determining potential costs for improvements. It will be deleted by us after the exercise is complete. If you would like to register, please e-mail your name, address, and telephone number to

We intend that the “interest gathering” exercise will run for two weeks – from 22nd February until 7th March. Please tell all your friends and neighbours who may be interested, the larger the positive response, the better the chance we have of improving our broadband services!

Thank you.

Dollar Community Development Trust

Dollar Community Development Trust

Dollar Community Development Trust is a volunteer-led charity aimed at making Dollar a better place to live, work, study, and visit.


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