Scarecrow Day Entries 2020

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1. Care Crow

1 Park Place

All dressed up with nowhere to go

2. The Mask

33 Cairnpark Street

Underneath the mask is an unnamed politician who couldn’t bear another week going by without a trip to see the beautiful sights of Dollar (his eyesight is fine). He is enjoying the view from the top of Cairnpark St.

3. Mildred - The Worst Witch

14 Bryanston Drive

The inspiration for Mildred Hubble from the Worst Witch books by Jill Murphy came from my 5 year old grandson. These are his favourite stories. I have changed the colour of  Tabby (Mildred’s cat).  Instead of Tabby’s original colours I’ve used rainbow colours to make the cat look bright and cheerful to bring us hope at this particular time.

mildred worst witch

4. Crow Exotic

16 Murray Place

He is based on Joe Exotic from the Netflix series ‘The Tiger King’.

crow exotic

5. Daphne

30 Strachan Crescent

Daphne stayed at Dollarbank Farm during the war – she wrote letters back to her parents:

Dear Mum and Dad

At last I have arrived safely at the farm in Dollar, I was met at the station in this little town by the farmer’s wife and taken up to their farmhouse where I am to stay. 

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6. Caronabell

45 Murray Place

7. Eastfield Eduardo

Eastfield, Manse Road

8. Mrs Lockdown

15 East Burnside


9. Sweet Violet Strawfield

40 Station Road

Hello my name is Sweet Violet Strawfield. I can usually be found enjoying the fields and hedgerows around Dollar. My favourite thing to do when I want to relax is to have a cup of tea and eat biscuits.

10. The Retired Scarecrows

54 Tarmangie Drive

11. PC Cyber-crow

36 Princes Crescent

12. Kenny

34 The Ness

Inspired by Grandad Kenny, who the boys (Oliver & Finlay) think has worked very hard with the football over the years, so now scarecrow Kenny deserves a little rest hanging around in the garden enjoying retirement.

13. Floyd the Chef

Dollar’s Deli – Bridge Street

Having travelled the world & experienced international haute cuisine, I found myself one day in Dollar & decided to reside here. I now work at Dollar’s Deli behind the scenes. It’s been a difficult few months having to keep up with the demand for baking ingredients & I find myself at the end of each day enjoying a cheeky glass of red wine (or 2!)

Slanj to all of you!

14. Mr Morris Minion

30 The Ness

Mr Morris Minion was all set to go his holidays to the beach to surf on his babababanana in the Bahamas, but Covid19 meant his flight was cancelled. Because of all the great weather we’ve been having Mr Morris Minion decided to have a staycation or hameldaeme holiday and plans to surf down Dollar Burn on his babababanana this weekend to celebrate Scarecrow Day.

15. The Final Clappers

3 – 5 McNabb Street

They have been out clapping for the superheroes caring for our community every week. They will be sad when the clapping stops. Thank you NHS and all our Key Workers.

16. Flossy, the Brownie Scarecrow

6 Strathdevon Pl

2nd Dollar Brownies are currently meeting on zoom each week, so Flossy has her laptop with her to join in the fun and see her friends.

17. Baby Hope

13 Kirkstyle

The rainbow colours are for the NHS and the idea of using pom poms came from the tree of hope in Tillicoultry. Made by Kai, Riley and Elise.

18. Baby Skye Scarecrow

8 Curlers Court

Baby Skye scarecrow loves to meet and play with children’ made by skye Mitchell aged 3 years.

19. Trespass on the Devon

11  Cowan Terrace

Scarecrows swim in the Devon at their peril.

20. Al C… Alone the gansta scarecrow

7 Murray Place

Recently released gansta’ still under garden arrest getting some rec time.

21. Mr Law-Abiding-Citizen

Newbondrig, Muckhart (not on map).

Hoping to be free from lockdown and escape from captivity.

22. Goldilocks-down and the 3 bears

18 West Burnside

Goldilocks-down is eating her Scott’s Porridge Oats to ward off the nasty Coronavirus. Being a good spirited and neighbourly scarecrow, she is sharing her porridge with three friendly bears.

23. Fix it Felix

1 Merlin Park

He used to be the best mechanic ever but then he blew up a car so now he only works on his own van, and has lots of tea breaks.

24. Gertrude StayAtHome Gummidge

3 White Wisp Gardens

Gertrude (Trudy for short) is the great-granddaughter of the famous ‘Worzel Gummidge’. Gertrude is ‘scare-crowing’ from home at present and is missing her fellow scarecrows terribly. Everyday she dresses in her scarecrow school uniform and stands and waves at all passers by, including the birds.

25. Robbie the Robotic Golfer

52 Tarmangie Dr

26. Olly the all weather scarecrow

26 Devon Rd

He has a sun hat , scarf and brolly to cope with all the weather conditions! He has rainbows on his wings to show support for the NHS even though they rarely treat crows.

27. Head Gardener

26 McNabb St

Head Gardener of McNabb St, lives by the Grow your own while you stay at home! motto.

28. Junior Gardener

30 McNabb St

Junior Gardener of McNabb St, lives by the “Grow your own while you stay at home!” motto.

29. Yellow-Tshirt-Tim

3 Sorley’s Brae

30. Iron Crow

33 Bryanston Drive

Avenger’s “Iron-crow” pays a surprise visit to Dollar.

31. Rosie and Jim

10 Manse Rd

During lockdown Jim has managed to get some paint to do some odd jobs around the house whilst his granddaughter Rosie has had fun in the garden but also loves to say hello to the lovely people of Dollar who have been getting out for their daily exercise.

32. Nurse Mummy

9 Argyll St

Duncan aged 5 and Alex aged 4 wanted to make a scarecrow to support their Mummy who is a health care worker and has been very busy at work lately!

33. Darth Vader

6 Innerdownie Pl

Darth Vader, return of the scarecrow.

34. Funky Scarecrow

19 Manse Rd

Funky Scarecrow (Crow gone wrong) by Ezra 5 and Phoenix 3. This was intended to be a crow scarecrow but ended up a crow person.Darth Vader, return of the scarecrow.

35. Strawberry Twinklesprite

34 Back Rd

She likes to dance around toadstools in the rain and her favourite food is Pumpkin Patch sweeties.

36. Super heroes “Fighting Covid 19”

19 Murray Pl

37. Pirate Pete

50 High St

38. Augustus Scarecrow

17 Sorley’s Brae

Augustus Scarecrow, Aged 11

39. Poppy and Branch

6 The Ness

The new Trolls World Tour movie has brought lots of fun to our house and smiles to our faces during lockdown!

40. Flower Power

10 Curlers Court

41. Campbell and Murray

80 Bridge St

42. Totally Trolleyed

4 Princes Crescent

43. The TriCrows

14 White Wisp Gardens

44. Major Scare Crow

6 Bridge St

45. Lotus Blossom

56 Tarmangie Dr

46. Little Extra

54 Tarmangie Dr

47. Bob

5 Murray Place

48. Jack SpaCrow

5/7 Hillfoot Road

49. Fred

11 The Ness

50. Kev the Minion

15 Tarmangie Drive

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