Developing options for Civic Centre

Following Clackmannanshire Council’s decision to offer up the Dollar Civic Centre for possible asset transfer the Trust has agreed to consider how we could best make use of this opportunity for the benefit of the Dollar community. The situation is complicated somewhat because of the proposed new housing and sporting developments which were announced at the public consultation meetings in March. If those proposals go ahead, there is a possibility that Strathdevon School might need to extend into the area where the Civic Centre currently sits.

community centre

It is too early to know how this situation will develop, but because of the uncertainty, the Trust and Clackmannanshire Council both agree that we would not consider a full transfer of ownership of the Civic Centre at this time.

The Trust is working with Clackmannanshire Council to finalise a three year lease agreement from 1st October 2018.  The Trust will be responsible for all bookings from the 1st of September 2018.  See our Bookings Page for details.

We will continue to work with the people of Dollar to develop the Civic Centre into a thriving community hub.

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Dollar Civic Centre Survey Results

September 2018: Information

From the 28th of September Clackmannanshire Council will withdraw all services from the Centre.

Community Access Point (CAP)

Findings from the survey suggested that, other than the library and the public toilets, the vast majority of Dollar residents do not use the Civic Centre as a CAP for council services.  We expect the Council will provide some notification to signpost CAP service users direct to Clackmannanshire Council.

Library Services

There appears to be slightly more support for the library.  Volunteers have formed into a Library Action Group to consider options.  Find our more on our Community Library Action Group page

Get Involved

Taking over the running of the Civic Centre will be a huge undertaking and it will live or die based on the support of Dollar residents.  We will need helpers for several roles, most immediately for a Civic Centre Action Group.  If you can help in any way at all please email us on