Ideas Bank

Ideas Bank

As a Trust we have a lot of projects we want to see up and running but we need your help.  Here you can find all of the projects that we would love to do but need people to take them on.

Some of them are partially formed and some of them are just blue sky ideas which we would love to see evolved into full on projects.  The Trust is here to support you.

Idea Bank
Open for withdrawals and deposits 24/7

If you would like to take any of these projects forward please email us at using the name of the project as the subject heading.

If you would like to suggest a project for the ideas bank then please email us with the subject heading ‘Idea Bank’.  Please include a brief description and any links/relevant resources in your email.

Skeletons – Can you put some flesh on these bones?

Active Transport: Cycling

We want to encourage more people to get active and consider cycling as valid method of travelling, commuting and having fun.

Cycling UK Poster

Active Transport: Walking

An active walking culture to support good health and well being as well as make the most of our environment here in Dollar.

Paths For All

Living Streets

Reducing Social Isolation and Loneliness

What could we do in Dollar to address the issue of loneliness and isolation in the community.  Perhaps through a help your neighbour type scheme or a befriending/listening service?

A Connected Scotland

Acorns – Can you make them grow?

Local Businesses Services Directory

A website which lists all of the businesses in dollar which we will then link to as a resource for people in Dollar to find local tradesmen.

Community Garden

Many people have told us that they would love to have a community garden in Dollar.  It would need suitable land and a crew of volunteers

Visitor’s Guide

A fact finding mission to gather information on all of the well and lesser known items of interest around dollar and put them together in a handy guide (Or maybe even a Treasure Hunt..?)

Sponsor a Planter on Bridge Street

Everybody wants our main street to be as attractive as possible so we would love to see a scheme which allows people to sponsor a planter on Bridge Street.  We believe there is already an ‘Adopt a planter’ scheme like this in Kinross.