Community Support Fund – Individual Grants

If you are struggling financially as a result of COVID-19, our new Community Support Fund is offering small grants of up to £100 to Dollar residents who find themselves in urgent need

The purpose of the fund is to provide help to people in Dollar who are in urgent need of money for essential purchases and who are not eligible for funds from another source or are unable to obtain those funds quickly enough to meet their need.

What can you apply for?

All requests will be considered but as a guide, awards could be made for:

  • food and supplements and household supplies, especially where these would not be available from a food bank and which the applicant would be better able to source themselves
  • repair or purchase of an essential household item
  • cost of fuel for heating or cooking (if the person is in receipt of welfare benefits this must not be in cash)
  • equipment/materials to help with home-schooling (e.g. printer and/or stationary)
  • toys or other activities for children in lockdown
  • activities for adults in lockdown and under stress
  • veterinary care for pets
  • cleaning/sanitary products (free feminine hygiene products are available at the Hive on request and/or through the foodbanks in Tilly/Alloa/Alva)
  • unspecified daily living costs when assisting with delayed income
  • mobile phone top-up

Size of award:  normally under £100 but exceptional awards could be made subject to the process described below.

What to do if you would like to request a grant  

Please call or text the Dollar Response phone on 07496 089 221, you can also put in a request in the secure postbox at the Hive.

Please be assured that your request will be handled confidentially and that you will be asked to provide contact details and only such information as we require to ensure we can justify the proper use of charitable funds.

A decision about whether to make an award will be made by 1 director if for £25 or less, 2 directors of the Trust or a director and the development worker for £26 – £100, within a working day.  Only the director receiving the request will know the identity of the applicant.  Exceptional awards over £100 will require the approval of at least 3 directors.

Awards may be made in cash, but specific items might be purchased directly by the Trust so long as this does cause not any issues for the recipient (e.g. the Trust can order online from Amazon or another national online seller for delivery to the recipient).  For major purchases, receipts might be requested but this isn’t essential.

If a substantial request, above £100, is being considered it may be appropriate to seek a professional reference e.g from a social worker, health visitor, GP etc.

Additional (important) Information

The fund has been established from contributions made by the community to help people meet essential needs arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.  It should not be used as an alternative to statutory welfare funds or funds made available by the government to meet the Covid-19 crisis. It is expected that payment will normally be a one-off to meet specific needs and there should be no expectation that regular income needs are met.

Dollar Community Development Trust must manage charitable funds responsibly but, given the limited value of awards made, the requirement to meet urgent need and the inappropriateness of over intrusive questioning, the process will be as straightforward as possible and built upon trust.